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Anthologies  Poetry and Photography Collaboration.......Your gift of hope

             has linked with to raise funds for      to give to    

You can help by writing your own poetry and stories, inspired by the photographs in the
Open Gallery.

We will collect, collate and create eBook anthologies to go on sale through Focal View and pass funds raised to Schoool In A Bag.

Thank you for your support.

See an example anthology here:

For more detailed information please read below
Focal View has linked up with a special charity that raises funds for school bags full of stationery, learning resources and eating utensils and sends them to poor, orphan, vulnerable and disaster affected children worldwide

We receive excellent photographs from all over the world and we know that there is a poet or writer in most creative people so we feel that Focal View is in a good position to help.

We would like to invite you to contribute your photography and your own poetry and short stories.
You can use any of the images in the Open Gallery as inspiration for your writing or provide your own photos or even short videos.
Here is all you do:
1  Either:
Look through the gallery for an image that you find particularly inspirational, on any theme and make a note of the number.
Choose your own images and use them. Send these images into us for inclusion into the Gallery.
Compose your writing. Poems and stories should be short and relate in some way to the selected images. Paste the text into the anthology boxes found in the galleries.
Fill in the details required and click Send

Your work will be acknowledged and added to the current anthology. The EBooks are presented in a digital page-turning format that you can buy and share with friends and family. We will tell you when the collection including your work is ready for sale. Money from the sale of the anthologies will go to support the charity.

We hope that you will enjoy taking part in the project knowing that you will be making a difference to children in remote areas around the world.

Here is an example Writing Box for you to try out. You will find others in the Gallery.

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