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Bill Grey LRPS

Unsuccessful and Successful
Bill applied in 2014 for his LRPS. This was his first first submission which for technical reasons was rejected at the time.
Undaunted, Bill assembled another panel and submitted this in 2015. This time he was successful and now has LRPS.

Bill has generously put both panels onto the site to show the differences between them so that you can make your own assessments.
We hope you will be inspired to enter your own panels or at least appreciate the skills involved.

All judging will be both objective in that images need to comply with generic skills and techniques and subjective because  decisions also depend on whether the judge actually likes the photograph.

 A full text account for each panel in PDF is available for background information.

Click on the Hanging Plans to view the panels.

Unsuccessful 2014
Successful 2015
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