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and the Hotel Alpenkrone

The Alpenkrone Picture Guest Book

These portfolios are  photographic memories and impressions of the mountains around the village of Filzmoos in Austria.
The landscapes and opportunities for outdoor photography bring visitors from all over the world. 
We are promoting the Alpenkrone Hotel as the ideal base for photographic landscape photography. 

This  portfolio is a summer walking collection. There are many wonderful paths, all well signposted that will take you up into the higher regions above the treeline where you can see Ibex, eagles and if you are lucky; marmots. Flowers are everywhere at this time of year and once you have discovered the 'hutts' you will enjoy coffees and beers as well as good food, looking down on some of the best views in the world.

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Your Photographic Memories

Have you stayed at the Alpenkrone Hotel yet? If so, do you have photographs of your time in the Filzmoos area? Send your photographs to us at and we will add them to the  Alpenkrone Picture Guest Book.

Would you like us to make your own portfolio to show friends and family? Go to

To start your own holiday in Filzmoos, go to the hotel website on the link below and use the special code 'alpfvphoto' when booking.

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