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Your Portfolio
Focal View portfolios are different because we present them to professional and amateur photographers world-wide and ask them for anonymous constructive feedback.
Our central aim is to promote creative photography so who better to ask?

To start your portfolio…..
Decide the theme, topic, style and reasons for your collection. We will open and host your portfolio which you can  add to later.
Send us an email with your details and description of your collection. 
Pay the fee on the button below.
Go to and send the images to us. 
Add an extra document with your brief biography and description of the collection.

We  will send you the draft for you to accept before we upload the portfolio and send you the link.
Focal View Portfolio including hosting and downloadable file formats
Student Discount Portfolio Service
For photographers in full-time education or on
 recognised photography courses.
Also for RPS Members

Tips for You to Consider

Name all your images
Add your own name and the title of the photograph to each image. This helps to keep them safe.
We will not permit downloads of individual images and thoroughly respect your copyright at all times.

Style or Theme
You portfolio theme might be a holiday. Have a theme in mind that gives the collection a purpose. Add a short paragraph explaining the reason for your collection.
Look at other portfolios for inspiration and ideas.

Each image has to have a good reason for being there so consider framing and cropping to draw the viewer’s eye to the details you want to show. Humour is subjective and may not always work but clarity, careful use of colour and evidence of photographic skill will. Your collection should say who you are as a photographer as simply as possible. Less is best because the best shows through. Clutter complicates and confuses.

Your work can be ‘read’ as a page-turning presentation just like a paper book. You can download this file to a USB stick to show anywhere. There is a version for your mobile phone and other devices as well as  the standard PDF.
We keep the presentation simple because we want to showcase your work and not our design.
Your images are best presented at 7x4.6 inches at 300 resolution and 8bit.

Perspectives On  series
Advice on most kinds of  photography is available on our series of Perspectives.
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